When you see big barns dotting the countryside in the Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches, you'll know you're close. Moeller Brew Barn was built because we believe everyone should have a choice to enjoy Fresh Local Craft Beer.

Our Beer

We are passionate about brewing quality craft beer for our local communities.
Explore a variety of our worldly styles

We maxed out the mash tun to give this beer a full malt body, able to handle big additions of Citra kettle-hops and dry-hops. Enjoy a big tropical fruity nose, big ABV, and big IPA finish. Cheers!

8% ABV | 5 SRM Color | 55 IBU


It took the brewmaster from Frogtown, OH (aka Cassella) a 12 year trek to the west coast to come up with this recipe - Frogtown IPA, It's Hoppy!

6.1% ABV | 7 SRM Color | 45 IBU


This traditional German Ale has subtle fruity esters, most notably banana. Light and refreshing, you'll be asking for one Moweizen.

5.0% ABV | 3 SRM Color | 13 IBU

Baseball and beer! This American Red is brewed to have a complex malt backbone with a subtle rye spiciness to celebrate a local legend. Play ball!

5.4% ABV | 14 SRM Color | 21 IBU

Celebrate the fall season with our traditional Marzen Oktoberfest. Brewed to have a smooth and rich malty sweetness with a bitterness backbone to counter the sweetness. A dry finish and light ABV will let you enjoy this lager pint after pint, or litre after litre. Prost!

5.3% ABV | 10 SRM Color | 26 IBU

It's no load of manure - the aromatics of this Honeywagon has an eye-opening tropical mango-pineapple fruitiness. Honey malt sweetness provides enough body to accompany big hop flavors making this a refreshing American IPA. Cheers!

6.6 ABV | 6 SRM Color | 50 IBU

A little smokey! Takes us back to that childhood spot underneath the Black Bridge on the banks of the Chickasaw. Enjoy its beechwood smoky aroma and flavors on top of a roasty malt body, finishing chocolaty bitter, then sweet. Delicious!

5.4% ABV | 45 SRM Color | 38 IBU

Give me an O-H! Helles! This light, golden lager is brewed to be soft, bready and delicious. Lagered on top of Bavarian yeast, enjoy the delightful grassy aromas and sweet bready flavors. O-H! Helles!

4.9% ABV | 3 SRM Color | 16 IBU

With blackberries from Cranberry Prairie, our Blackberry Prairie Wheat has a purple hue tint to a pillowy white head with a hint of blackberry fruitiness on the nose and finish. In between is a refreshing medium-bodied American Wheat Ale that can make one fall in love with beer, all over again. Take a hearty drink and enjoy!

5.8% ABV | 11 SRM Color | 19 IBU

This Blonde inspired me to take the leap into Craft Beer. Balancing simple country malt with Great Northwest Valley floral hops is what makes this beer so special. Enjoy!

4.8 ABV | 3 SRM Color | 20 IBU