Orange Peel Marzen_Tap Label-02.png

Blood Orange, Earthy & Herbal Aromas & Notes

Light Body

Smooth, Dry Finish

winans tap label-02.png

Caramel, Chocolate and Pecan Notes & Aromas

Medium Body

Chocolate, Nutty Finish

Salted Caramel Coffee_Tap Label 2019-01.

Coffee Aromas

Salted Caramel Coffee Notes

Light Body

Smooth Finish

Roasted Hazelnut_Tap Label 2019-01.png

Hazelnut Aromas

Milky-Sweet Chocolate Notes

Medium Body

Smooth Finish

Lemon Berry Tap Label-02.png

Lemon and Berry Aromas

Bready Notes

Wheat Body

Refreshing, Tart Finish

Blueberry Blonde_Tap Label-01.png

Blueberry Aroma

Floral & Blueberry Notes

Light Body

Sweet, Lingering Blueberry Finish

Hopyard 29_Tap Label-01.png

Hazy IPA with Hops from Hopyard 29 for our 500th batch

Comet & Galena Hops

Pineapple and Citrus Notes & Aromas

OH Helles 2020 tap label-02.png

Grassy & Spicy Aromas

Soft & Bready

Light Bodied German Lager

Refreshing Finish

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