Silo Seltzer_Tap Label-02.jpg

Rotating Flavors

Light Body

Crisp, Refreshing Finish

*Gluten Free

Blueberry Blonde_Tap Label-01.png

Floral & Blueberry Notes & Aromas

Light Body

Sweet, Lingering Blueberry Finish

Salted Caramel Coffee_Tap Label 2019-01.

Salted Caramel Coffee Notes & Aromas

Light-Medium Body

Smooth Finish

Hop Yard 500_Tap Label-02.png

Hazy IPA with Hops from Hopyard 29 for our 500th batch

Comet & Galena Hops

Pineapple and Citrus Notes & Aromas

Roasted Hazelnut_Tap Label 2019-01.jpg

Hazelnut Aromas

Milky-Sweet Chocolate Notes

Medium Body

Smooth Finish

Sunnys Waco Wit_Tap Label-02.jpg

Balanced flavors of citrus fruit, orange peel and coriander

Medium Body

Refreshing Finish